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ciya-pen-thumbnailOur modern world is greatly defined by its use of computing and IT systems. That being said, most people still prefer to do many of their writing works with pen and paper. Writing notes and scribbling on a notepad is something we all tend to indulge at some point of time or the other. If you are looking to write down some notes and ideas quickly on a piece of paper, then you should consider getting the best quality ball pens so that you have a flawless writing experience. Ball pens are by far one of the friendliest writing instruments that you can ever have. It is for this reason that people of all age groups love to write with ball pens.

If you visit any office or workplace, you will find that people working on a desk have got several ball pens kept on a pen cup holder. The reason for this is simple; ball pens offer a hassle free writing experience each and every time. They can also be used for writing on any kind of surface. The ease of use and versatility offered by ball pens make them more widely used than some of the other types of pens available in the market. These pens make use of a small rotating ball crafted out of tungsten carbide, steel or brass which can disperse the ink while writing.

When you choose to use a ball pen, you never have to interact with the ink directly. You can simply get a refill for the ink and you are good to go. This means that you do not have to worry about ink smudges, blotches and your hands getting all dirty. So make sure that you get the best quality ball pens for having a flawless and smooth writing experience.


ciya-pen-thumbnailOffering gifts in a corporate setting is a very common practice. Not only this can help to make the employees feel good about the way they have contributed to the growth of the company but it can also encourage them to do better in the future. Among all the different types of gift items that you can choose for a major corporate event, pens definitely head the list as they are very useful and are preferred by practically everyone. Pens are used all the time for making signatures, taking down notes, making sketches, writing drafts, performing calculations and writing down ideas during important meetings. That is why you should certainly consider giving pens as gifts for a corporate event.

Ball point pens or ball pens are really awesome gift items for any corporate settings. The ball pens ensure a smooth writing experience each and every time. They also work well for all occasions when you have to write down and take notes very fast. The ball pens are widely preferred in the office and corporate environment since they do not pose the issue of ink smudges. Using the ball pens is also quite easy as one does not need to deal with the ink directly. The ink of the ball pens come in the form of refills. As soon as the previous ink gets all used up, the users can get a new refill and keep on using the pen smoothly as always.

The ease of use and hassle free writing experience offered by ball pens make them ideal for all kinds of corporate settings and events. So once you have made up your mind that you are going to offer ball pens as corporate gifts for an upcoming event, make sure that you explore the best ball pen products for your employees.

sifcoAre you looking to streamline your writing experience in your professional setting? Then you should consider buying direct fill pens as they can ensure superior accuracy and efficiency when you are writing on a notepad or any other surface of your choice. Whether you are looking for a writing instrument that goes well with your day to day casual writing purposes or you want to have a pen that is suitable for writing in important legal or official documents, you can certainly have a positive writing experience when you choose to work with direct fill pens. It is for this reason that direct fill pens are used by millions of people across the world when they are trying to have a seamless writing experience.

Compared to some of the other types of writing instruments that are out there, the direct fill pens are actually easier to use which makes them very practical. The direct fill pens can be refilled after the previous ink has been used. The ink that is used with these direct fill pens have a pigment. This means that the ink colors with these pens can vary greatly. There are direct fill pens with ink that stand out for their metallic shades. These pens are often used for specialized writing purposes such as birthday cards and gift items.

The best thing about the direct fill pens is that you can have a very smooth writing experience with these pens and there is no need to put additional pressure on the pens while you are writing with them. The direct fill pens are also very cost-effective which means that you can easily get them for your personal use or when you want to offer them to someone as gifts. So make sure that you choose direct fill pens for a hassle-free writing experience.


Pens remain unnoticed by most of us, but pens have an essential role in our life. After completing their primary education, young students get a taste of being an adult once they are allowed to use pens in schools. Then a pen never leaves a person for the rest of their life. A pen becomes your daily companion subsequently, from your late childhood or early adulthood.

blastEven while buying a pen, some people become loyal to a particular pen that they find best suitable for them; they are attracted to the features such as ink colour, smoothness, grip, lightweight and many more; some people, though remain unbiased and buy the fastest available option. But for an average person— take into account, an office goer carries that pen with him for an average of three months, till it is replaced or refilled. But though a small investment, if a person isn’t satisfied, it’s a total wastage of money.

So, it becomes challenging to choose the best and economical pen available in India. We, at Elkos, have thus come up with two types of pens — one is very low cost standard direct fill pens for regular use, average cost ball pens and reasonably priced premium ball pens.

For Direct fill pens — we have Alfa, Fun GL and Shine are the most famous and commonly used, light-weighted use and throw pens in India;

For Ball pens — Elkos Blast is very well known by all, along with it are Orio, QuickFlow, Qubic, Signy and Vista, are in very high demand in the market; these pens are also reusable and refillable, giving an added advantage over direct fill pens.

For Premium ball pen, we have Onick — made with Korean technology; the pen features an elegant look and stainless steel pocket clip with high mileage refill.

To sum up, a pen is a daily essential writing instrument and should be given some consideration while buying. We presented you the names and features of the most common and economical pens regularly used in India from the house of Elkos.

Elkos Gel pen monitor

The gel pens are popular writing instrument that you can use when you are looking to have flawless writing experience. Ever since the gel pens were introduced into the market a few decade ago, they have attained wide spread popularity due to the unique nature of the ink used in them. The gel pen ink is prepared with powder pigments that are suspended in a type of water-based gel. Compared to the ink that is used in the ball pens, the gel pen ink is a lot smoother and vivid which makes it a lot easier to write with these pens. The ink can stay the same even after a long time and can display water-resistant properties.

The gel pens have always been known for the smooth and seamless writing experience that they can deliver which has made them a hot favorite with both right-handed as well as left-handed writers. The ink is made in such a way that these pens are suitable for all kinds of writing purposes. You can also make artful sketches with these pens if you want to. Since these pens are available in a broad range of colors, they can yield excellent results when you want to create some kind of artwork.

The smooth flow of ink and efficient usability has also made them a popular choice among children who may use these pens in their school work. Even teachers love using the gel pens when they are looking to check the exercise books of students. While it is true that they mainly stick to blue, red, and black when it comes to managing their school work, they still have a lot of great options to choose from. This makes gel pens really awesome writing instruments.

Elkos Gel pen monitorGel pens are widely used these days all over the world and it is easy to see how this has evolved into such a popular writing device. Known for its smooth performance on a wide range of writing surfaces, the gel pens have a water based ink that offer faster writing performance. This is why a lot of students and professionals love to work with gel pens. If you are planning on taking dictation or scribble notes during a speech, then it is of paramount importance that you have a gel pen that can deliver awesome performance for you and make your work a whole lot easier.

The manufacturers of gel pens make use of substances like xanthan gum and other types of polymers. This gives the ink such a nature that it makes it a lot easier for the users to manage the rate of flow of the ink when they are writing on some surface. Many of the latest gel pens are equipped with finger grips that make it easier for the users to hold on the pens as they write with them. Apart from writing, gel pens are also excellent when it comes to making some kind of artwork. If you are planning on working some kind of architectural project or a graphics designing project, then it is advisable that you get a collection of gel pens to manage your tasks.

Much like sketch pens, the gel pens are also available in numerous colors which means that you can easily use them to draw and create artworks. The styles and types of gel pens that are currently found in the market have also improved a lot. This means that when you choose to buy these products you can find pens that can definitely provide you with maximum value for your money.

slideAs a person who is working in an office, there must be numerous instances when you need to have a pen to jot down important notes and do some signatures. If you are thinking of getting some pens that can help you to have an effortless writing experience, then it is always a good idea for you to use a ball pen as they are easy to use, affordable and use ink that can dry up easily. The ball pens are quite easy to manage and you can always rely on them to provide you with a perfect writing performance each and every time.

One of the main reasons as to why you should consider getting ball pens for your writing tasks is that they are ideal for fast writing purposes. If you are looking to take dictation or scribble something in a hurry, then you should certainly write with a ball pen as they can ensure a neat write-up each and every time. In many cases, ink pens and other types of writing instruments may lead to a smudgy writing performance that can compromise the aesthetic appearance of the writing surface. With ball pens, you are never going to have that problem.

The widespread demand of ball pens has led to the birth of numerous companies that design and manufacture ball pens for their customers. Each of these companies also creates ball pens with unique features that would surely appeal to their buyers. So if you are keen on buying pens that give you great value for your money, you can surely do that by exploring the products that they have to offer. The ball pens come with changeable ink refills so they are cost effective as well as convenient. Hence get these ball pens for your professional writing purposes.

ball pen signy

A pen is the most important writing instrument that you should be investing in when you want to have a positive writing experience. A lot depends on the pen you choose for your writing needs. Whether you want to have a pen that you can use for writing in your home or in your office, a ball pen can definitely be a good choice for you. Plenty of students and professionals prefer to use ball point pens over other pens since they provide with a smoother writing experience at all times. If you are thinking of getting a pen with a fast drying ink, then ball pens are the ones you should go with.

One of the main reasons as to why a lot of people prefer to write with ball point pens is that they have a rather thick ink that dries up almost immediately after you are with the writing process. Moreover, using a ball point actually gives you complete control over your writing like no other pen can offer you. You can buy refills of ink that you need when you want to write with a ball pen. The refills are easy to use and they protect your hands from ever directly coming into contact with the ink.

Compared to some of the other types of pens that are available in the market, the ball pens can be bought at a much cheaper price. However, that does not mean that the quality of writing that you can have with these pens is in any way substandard. In fact, ball pens can definitely come in handy when you need to write very fast or when you are looking to take dictation or notes. Ball pens can be also used to make different kinds of artwork, drawings and sketches.

Elkos Gel pen monitorHave you ever wondered about developing a nice collection of pens that show you are a man of good taste? Then you should certainly stay abreast with the latest technological developments in the world of pen manufacturing. The great thing about buying a pen today is that you can find products that have a classical design as well as those that bear the hallmark of new innovations. The best manufacturers of ball pens,  gel pens , sketch pens and direct fill pens regularly come up with a stellar range of products that can appeal to you strongly when you are looking to avail them.

It is also important for you to consider the ways in which you will be using the pens so that you can get the most out of them. For instance, if you are thinking of making artwork and do some coloring, then you should consider buying sketch pens as they can be perfect for your projects. Sketch pens are also ideal for marking chapters on books or managing informational diagrams during board meetings. On the other hand, if you are looking for a writing instrument that is perfect for writing on notebooks or official documents, then you should consider ball pens as they can deliver you flawless writing without any kind of issues with the ink.

Once you have decided on the type of pen that you are going to get, it is time for you to choose a brand that can provide you with excellent products. With Elkos Pens, you can definitely choosethe products that can bring you complete value for your money. They regularly presents new range of pens which mean that you will have ample of great choices when you choose ElkosPens.



Sketch pens are specialized instruments that can be used for making all kinds of artwork. They come in a broad range of colors which means that they easily pave the way for making sketches and drawings. If you are thinking of getting some nice instruments that can help you to create really beautiful and colorful artwork, then you should definitely consider buying a set of sketch pens that can help you toachieve your goals. While it is true that other artwork instruments like charcoal and oil paints do have their own appeal, sketch pens  have really captured the attention of millions of users around the world.

The sketch pens are predominantly used by children for their school work as the bright and brilliant colors really appeal to them. If you want to gift something to your child that can encourage him or her to take an active interest in art and sketching, then you should definitely try gifting them a collection of sketch pens. This can definitely help the child to explore his or her creative faculties and also help in the child’s mental development. Even doctors and childcare specialists strongly recommend sketch pens for overall development of children.

The great thing about the sketch pens is that they are perfectly suited for all kinds of artistic projects. Whether you are looking to design the interiors of your home, make a drawing of a swimming pool or any piece of furniture, you can use sketch pens to achieve the best results. You can also bring a lot of variation into a drawing or a sketching project with the colorful sketch pens. It is due to this reason that the popularity of the sketch pens have only increased tremendously over time. You can now buy sketch pens in all sorts of colors.


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