Gel pens are awesome writing instruments that are loved by both students as well as people working in professional settings. The unique thing about the gel pens is that they have a combination of water-based and oil-based inks which translates into an excellent writing experience. Whether you are looking to find a pen that can help you to create flawless sketches or help you to write smoothly without any hassles, you should definitely make use of gel pens as they can definitely meet all your expectations. Since the ink of the gel pens is totally resistant to water or moisture, these pens deliver a consistent writing performance which remains unchanged for many years.

Whether you are looking for writing instruments that can be used in the school or college or in a professional setting, you can be sure of the fact that these gel pen can deliver you an efficient and hassle free writing experience. Since gel pen ink has got a relatively longer lifespan, they are a hot favorite among writers and artists who yearn to have a high quality artwork and writing tool whenever they want. Gel pens offer an awesome writing experience just like the ball pens and for this reason they are heavily preferred among all users.

The ink used in the gel pens have got biopolymers such as polyacrylate thickeners along with a wide range of dyes consisting of iron oxides and copper phthalocyanine. Such a unique chemical composition definitely creates an ink that is extremely user friendly. Over the years, different variants of gel pens have been introduced into the market, all of which are extremely popular in their own right. So if you are looking to achieve a perfect writing experience that is clear and precise, you should definitely consider using gel pens.