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sifcoAre you looking to streamline your writing experience in your professional setting? Then you should consider buying direct fill pens as they can ensure superior accuracy and efficiency when you are writing on a notepad or any other surface of your choice. Whether you are looking for a writing instrument that goes well with your day to day casual writing purposes or you want to have a pen that is suitable for writing in important legal or official documents, you can certainly have a positive writing experience when you choose to work with direct fill pens. It is for this reason that direct fill pens are used by millions of people across the world when they are trying to have a seamless writing experience.

Compared to some of the other types of writing instruments that are out there, the direct fill pens are actually easier to use which makes them very practical. The direct fill pens can be refilled after the previous ink has been used. The ink that is used with these direct fill pens have a pigment. This means that the ink colors with these pens can vary greatly. There are direct fill pens with ink that stand out for their metallic shades. These pens are often used for specialized writing purposes such as birthday cards and gift items.

The best thing about the direct fill pens is that you can have a very smooth writing experience with these pens and there is no need to put additional pressure on the pens while you are writing with them. The direct fill pens are also very cost-effective which means that you can easily get them for your personal use or when you want to offer them to someone as gifts. So make sure that you choose direct fill pens for a hassle-free writing experience.


Pens remain unnoticed by most of us, but pens have an essential role in our life. After completing their primary education, young students get a taste of being an adult once they are allowed to use pens in schools. Then a pen never leaves a person for the rest of their life. A pen becomes your daily companion subsequently, from your late childhood or early adulthood.

blastEven while buying a pen, some people become loyal to a particular pen that they find best suitable for them; they are attracted to the features such as ink colour, smoothness, grip, lightweight and many more; some people, though remain unbiased and buy the fastest available option. But for an average person— take into account, an office goer carries that pen with him for an average of three months, till it is replaced or refilled. But though a small investment, if a person isn’t satisfied, it’s a total wastage of money.

So, it becomes challenging to choose the best and economical pen available in India. We, at Elkos, have thus come up with two types of pens — one is very low cost standard direct fill pens for regular use, average cost ball pens and reasonably priced premium ball pens.

For Direct fill pens — we have Alfa, Fun GL and Shine are the most famous and commonly used, light-weighted use and throw pens in India;

For Ball pens — Elkos Blast is very well known by all, along with it are Orio, QuickFlow, Qubic, Signy and Vista, are in very high demand in the market; these pens are also reusable and refillable, giving an added advantage over direct fill pens.

For Premium ball pen, we have Onick — made with Korean technology; the pen features an elegant look and stainless steel pocket clip with high mileage refill.

To sum up, a pen is a daily essential writing instrument and should be given some consideration while buying. We presented you the names and features of the most common and economical pens regularly used in India from the house of Elkos.

Direct fill pens have changed the way we write, and are among the most popular writing instruments in the world. Unlike a ballpoint pen, direct fill pens allow for greater accuracy and detailing when writing, and can be used to fill in important documents, send messages to other people, or be used when writing on labels, tags, and posters. The ink is similar to that of a fountain pen, although direct fill pens are much more practical. They can easily be refilled once the ink has run out.

trifalaThe ink used in a direct fill pen contains pigment, so there is a greater choice of colors available than other types of ink pen. Some direct fill pens use ink with a metallic element, ideal for filling out birthday cards or when writing tags for gift boxes and presents. Not a lot of pressure is needed to control the pen – instead the user can write easily and quickly without much strain on their hand. The pen is also comfortable to write with, and allow the user to write more distinctively than other types of pen.

Some direct fill pens are easy to use, and cost effective – there’s no need to refill, just use them once and then throw them away. These pens are available in a number of different colors and can be used to create craft projects, write shopping lists and notes, or filling in cards to friends and family members. Care will need to be taken with some direct fill pens to ensure that the ink doesn’t smudge on the page. The ink used in some pens may take longer to completely dry when compared to the ballpoint pen.

Direct fill pens can be purchased as part of a set, or on an individual basis. These pens may work out to be cheaper when buying in bulk, especially when compared to the price of purchasing these items individually. They often contain a cap on the pen, which protects the pen when it is not being used. Other direct fill pens have a rubber grip, which protects the hand when the individual is writing. Sizes range from fill pens with fine tips (0.8 mm) and pens with medium tips (1 mm).

Elkos pens are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of direct fill pens, and have a number of colors and sizes available. In addition to direct fill pens and pen refills, the company specializes in ball point pens and sketch pens, all at competitive prices.

To find out more about the pens that are manufactured by the company, visit the official Elkos website at: http://www.elkospens.com/directfill-pens.html

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